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This was a fun side project for my friend group. I surprised them with a logo for our version of the game "King's Cup".


I went with a royalty theme because Billy (my friend's cat who the game was named after), always sits in his cat tree during our game nights looking down on us like a king over his subjects.

The 7 swords represents the 7 friends in our group with the big one in the middle representing the winner of the game. The winner's sword also has a bee in the handle because one of my friend's favorite rules has to do with buzzing like a bee. It can also be seen as an homage to the beehive state (Utah) which is where we all live.



So iLL is a climbing brand that I first got introduced to in 2018. I remember loving their design style because of it's retro style color-pop personality - something that is very different from traditional, modern outdoor brands.

So iLL has since somewhat toned down their branding but I wanted to design my own version of their ads that were reminiscent of their early brand identity.

For this redesign, I drew inspiration from 80's design trends, specifically, Memphis Milano. Their shoes (original on left, my rendered images on right) remind me of being dipped in a bucket of paint so I added a paint stroke behind the word "hold" to draw attention to the design as well as the functionality of the shoe. The image is tilted downward because that is the position your feet are in when climbing. The vertical imagery of the two tone background is meant to represent ascent.

**Disclaimer** I am not / do not intend on claiming any ownership to the So iLL brand identity. This is merely to display as a mockup of a potential ad that could come from this brand.

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Rock On
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This was a fun logo challenge my design team of mine did. The task was to design a logo for one of our team member's rock band.