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Saving Magic is a quirky documentary I made that follows one of my very good friends, Halley, and how her fantasy art is more than just mystical creatures on a canvas.

I wanted to create a piece on Halley because she brings to light a social roadblock that I believe many artists hit - being courageous enough to pursue art as a career path as well as to show the world that art matters. The tone, the art, and Halley all just add up to be one of my favorite films I have ever made.


Unique to anyone who can relate to pursuing a passion that many think is an unreasonable path, "Moggia" is a short profile piece that explores a fisherman's relationship with the sea and how his love for it keeps him attached to what many see as a dying profession.

I made Moggia in 2016 on my study abroad to Genoa, Italy. The first week of class, I was determined to meet my subject. I knew I wanted to create a more intimate piece than I have taken on before. By the end of the first week, with no luck on finding a personality, I headed down to the fish market to take some photos and clear my head. That is where I met Roberto Moggia.


Is it obvious that this was my very first film ever? Probably. However, that being said, it holds a special place in my heart. It was my first storyboard, my first collection of b-roll, my first experience with the frustration of rendering, and my first realization that nothing makes or breaks a film like sound. It's the whole "first film ever made" package.

Often times I feel as though a reboot is in order for this simple film because I still love the story Cameron tells. I thank him for being the subject of my first film.


In 2016, one of my friends and I packed our bags and flew halfway across the world to an island so small that you could walk from one end to the other in a day.

Nosy Komba - home for a month and the only island where you will find bugs as big as your head, lizards as small as your thumb, and the most unique, happy, and welcoming community this earth has to give.


This is a creative piece that showcases my time spent in Madagascar volunteering with MRCI. They had a saying - "mora mora" - which meant "take life slowly". 

The Stars


A more creative piece and definitely not my area of expertise - "Balluna" is my first (and only) animated short. 

I've always been a Disney fan and I enjoy the short stories they release before films. I drew inspiration for my animation from the simple, yet heartfelt stories Disney portrays.

Though I do consider myself an artist, applying life and motion to my art was something I found to be very challenging. So I tried to focus more on the story telling aspect and let the animation follow that.

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